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Our Services

Need a new battery or tyres for your car or truck? We have a large selection that you can choose from along with quality customer service and affordable pricing.

Battery Replacement

Find the perfect battery for your car and truck. We offer a wide range of batteries for your vehicle Depending on your budget and requirements, we'll have a new battery that suits your needs.

Tyre Replacement

Our tyre replacement service saves you time, hassle and money. We'll give you the best deals because of our large assortment of tyres suited to fit your budget. Contact us to learn the brands we offer.

Battery and Electrical Testing

Batteries come in many conditions and a charge can easily mask a symptom allowing a weak battery to perform well. Likewise, a strong battery with low charge shares similarities with a pack that exhibits capacity loss. Get your batteries tested, free of cost! Just contact us to schedule your visit.

Local Delivery

We provide *Around Town delivery! Just let us know whee you want us to drop off your items and we'll leave it at your door. Same day delivery is available.

Battery Maintenance

To have smooth operations in your warehouse, your motive power equipment must be fully operational at all times. As the power behind your equipment, your batteries must also be operating at optimal efficiency.


Performing routine battery maintenance is the key to keeping your batteries, and therefore your equipment, running as they should be. Battery capacity testing should be an essential part of that care plan.

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